• Megha Manoj

What is a mirror but a cruel reality check

Megha Manoj

what is a mirror

but a cruel reality check

it holds out all your mistakes in front of you

all of your shortcomings, all your regrets

the patches on my skin stand out

the acne, too, only seems to grow

I wish I could wash them off with bleach

scrub my flesh until it's just blood and bones

maybe then the scars won't show

the eyes that look back at me are unrecognizable-

with faded skin and veins underneath

"when was the last time you slept?"

my reflection asks

I look down. It's been a couple of weeks.

the girl meeting my gaze

owns my face, my body,

and yet she remains unfamiliar

maybe I stare long enough

she will start to disappear.


Megha is one of Snorts' beloved writers, who's preferred form of expression is poetry. They also writes a bit of sci-fi. When they aren't writing, they're either singing, or reading a book. Their art is usually intended to demystify, normalise and better understand mental health, media representation of communities, feminism, queerphobia and other related topics. They're pretty amazing and we're always glad to feature them!

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