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The Stonewall Uprising

Anushi Bhamra

Kicking off our Pride Month posts, here’s a small infomercial about the Stonewall Uprising.

Youth partner: @under25christuniversity

Anushi Bhamra is a design student from Pearl Academy, who pairs her loyal Converse with long flowing kurtis, which she believes is the perfect communion of cultures – acknowledging both western artistic influence and the Indian culture which she believes is rich, vibrant, ancient, and colourful. She is an avid reader, a stickler for perfection, best understood when you take a look at how organised and colour coordinated all her college notes and assignments are. An eternal romantic, colours and the emotions they convey, inspire her above all else. Her most powerful motivators are family, music, books and poetry. She is one of the founders of Bitter Lemon Snorts.