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Stirring the Surrealistic Skies: Part 2

Ariktha M Koundinya



A 20th century Avant Garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of an unconscious mind.

In a lot of ways, surrealism can break through the frames of paintings and stain the image of the world with it's florescence and brilliant atrocities.

But beyond the surface, surrealism talks about a much more strange philosophy. Once the blinders of realism are taken off, a much different, larger world is revealed that speaks from drastic perspectives and drips of poetry, leaving you, the surrealist, in control of the lives you create in your mind and the world/worlds that lay at your feet - almost like playing God.

What starts as the harmless imagination of a child can transcend into something powerful enough to question your existence.

For our thoughts to have lived and our dreams to have thoughts and for those beings to have a consciousness is terrifying as it dawns upon us the similarities between our lives tracing back to the belief that our existence, could be just as their's - simply a fragment of one's imagination.

Almost like writing poetry of a sinking ship drowning in a teacup or of a pierced parachute falling through an endless array of clouds in a glass jar of blue sky.

To think of these as obscured and not to acknowledge that the world we live in isn't as bizarre is as ignorant as not noticing that our sky changes colour or our clouds weep rain, bringing us to the question that shakes the very laws of the universe "Are we...real?"

Perhaps, on the magnificent time-line of human existence, not only are our lives insignificant, it is possible that we simply don't even exist in the great grand scheme of things, that the human race is just a puff of thought.

And like a note of music that disappears into thin air, our lives, as conscious, but not lucid beings, could be just that - a note of music that echoes into the abyss and then vanishes.

Bringing us back into the path of nihilism:



The belief that nothing in the world has a real existence, and that life is meaningless.

Oftentimes, being a human being that questions life and is conscious of one's existence is like being thrown in a rabbit hole that spirals into the same two trains of thought over and over and never ends.

And like pushing a boulder up a hill and watching it roll back down, we human beings are caged by the boundaries of our intelligence, our inability to accept that our insignificance and our mirages of hope , enough to make worlds in our heads and compete with the forces and laws that govern us. And perhaps , one day, we shall crawl out of our primitive three dimensional shells, but for now, the sun stands to spite me.

"Where does a thought go when it's forgotten?"

- Sigmund Freud

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Ariktha M Koundinya is a 16 year old who believes in fairytales and is deeply frustrated by the crushing reality of human existence. She writes poetry of her madness, winding it with metaphors so as to make it look pretty. More often than not, she is found with ink stained fingers, looking up at the sky expecting it to shatter and fall to the ground like shards of broken glass. But more than a poet or an artist, Ariktha is simply a little girl, lost in Enid Blyton fantasies, who knows that magic only happens when she closes her eyes, and so she smiles in the darkness.