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Pandemic Art: Life During Lockdown

Artist Interview: Ishita Sharma

Today on Snorts, we bring to you an artist who finds her expression through photography. We're super glad to be able to feature her on our platform, and we also managed to sit down and have a conversation with her about her art.

The Interview

Anushi - Your theme is based on the lockdown. What made you pick up that camera to do this?

Ishita - I just started photography when the lockdown was imposed. I wanted to do something different during this whole situation and then I came up with this series called life during the lockdown. I wanted to capture human emotions and how they're coping up living within four walls.

Anushi - What was the first thing that came to mind and what was your initial progress?

Ishita - When the idea of capturing emotions first came to my mind, I couldn't click pictures for the first two weeks because nobody in my house was ready to get themselves clicked. Everybody in my house was self-involved and that is where the idea came that I should click their pictures without letting them know.

Anushi - Oh wow that's adorable! Tell me about your favorite photograph from the series.

Ishita - My favorite photograph would be my daadi going through all the old albums. It's been 3 years since my daadu passed away and she doesn't talk about it much. And for the first time, I saw her talking about it while looking at his pictures.

Anushi - Oh my heart. That's so sweet! Did photography help your family come together? One of the images shows your father using an old analogue camera. Is that where your interest in photography come from?

Ishita - Actually I never realized that I was into photography, my dad did and that is when he encouraged me to start doing it. Next thing, he got me a DSLR and told me to play with it. Photography is something both my daadu and dad loved and think I got it from them only.

Anushi - The series seem to be spontaneous. Do you plan future series or do you just capture on the go?

Ishita - I don't plan things before doing them. I like things spontaneous. I think the outcome of planned things is not as good as capturing things spontaneously.

Anushi - That brings us to the end of our interview. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Ishita! We'd Love to feature you again on our platform!