• Vignesh Narayanan

Limitless Skies, Endless Roads.

Vignesh Narayanan

Humble Beginnings.
The Sky.
The Wind.
The Blue.
The Highway.
Green Fields, Blue Skies.
A Scenery.
A Tollbooth.
The Long Road.

Vignesh Narayanan, who runs a blog called The Postman, and can also be found as @thepostman_04 on Instagram, is a photographer with an eye for large sprawling landscapes that never cease to fill us all up with an exploding sense of wanderlust. While he passionately sticks his smartphone lens outside the car window, we're all struck by how a simple mundane street can make us miss the outside road. When Vignesh isn't taking pictures, you'd probably find him tracking the score on a random cricket match, compiling statistics on Robert Lewandowski's life, or alternatively, watching YouTube videos on black holes or the dual nature of light or generally comprehending the extent of our universe, instead of studying what's in his textbook. We're very proud to feature his art here on BLS.