• Snorts

Cosmic Dandelions

Ariktha M Koundinya

Art by Arundhati V Subramani

A shard of light orchestrated by what seemed to be a quiet hum amidst the silent floors of the then barren void pierced through the cosmos impregnating the stars with life – the dawn of the Homo Sapien race. The human race proves to be primitive and ignorant, one that cannot look beyond the tip of its own nose, and yet, however, undeniably curious, aware of the consciousness of their existence, and yet, not lucid.

Human life, is yet to be defined, but is caught through glimpses of moments – moments such as the fraction of seconds before the Big Bang, the ground before the first raindrops and the moment, right before Alice falls through the rabbit hole; the centuries have found no reason to believe that human life was intended and none to answer why and yet we continue looking.

In a lot of ways, the human race was born broken – motherless and deprived of external affection leading them to believe that finding the answers to their existence, shall perhaps, make them less orphaned, or at least, less miserable. But through the years of this cosmic quest, somewhere we seemed to have found our place that we shall remain in as long as our pursuit for truth persists. Eventually through the trailing millenniums, we shall begin to conquer the forces that govern us and learn to bend the laws of science and make it our own. The question remains, however, of our primitivity, after attaining the lucidity of our lives.

The truth, thereby, lies in the fact, that the constant sense of wonder is what results in us being human beings, the persistent dwelling thought of where we come from and where we are to go, almost like that of a child staring up at the blue sky. As long as we question life, we shall remain human.

As long as we question life, the atoms shall come together to become molecules and the molecules shall make matter, and our history books shall write of our discoveries and of the sun that rose and fell and rose again, the cosmos shall slowly begin to reveal itself, words that we shall run out of, sentences that run pages and pages long, the universe itself that will dance at our fingertips.

The evolution of man shall be like the blossoming of a flower, succeeding full bloom, which is not of death, but of transformation, the human race, no more humans, but gods themselves – to think that our creators were simply our ancestors.

And perhaps, the winding centuries shall bring us to our ultimate destiny – to complete the circle of existence by the creation of life. The flower shall start to blossom again, not in solidarity, but shall soon be in contact with the other inhabitants of the universe. The cosmos exists within a field of dandelions.

But, we are yet, merely human beings, with a sense of wonder. It is now our time to push the boulder up the hill again. Mankind has reached the moon, we have, yet a long journey ahead of us.

The centuries have found no reason to believe that human life was intended and none to answer why, but we looked and we shall keep on looking.

My fellow Homo Sapiens, look up, the evolution of mankind is but the blossoming of a flower. The cosmos exists within a field of dandelions. We are, but mere atoms that fall in love with other atoms. For now, we shall fall into the arms of the stars.

Ariktha M Koundinya is a 16 year old who believes in fairytales and is deeply frustrated by the crushing reality of human existence. She writes poetry of her madness, winding it with metaphors so as to make it look pretty. More often than not, she is found with ink stained fingers, looking up at the sky expecting it to shatter and fall to the ground like shards of broken glass. But more than a poet or an artist, Ariktha is simply a little girl, lost in Enid Blyton fantasies, who knows that magic only happens when she closes her eyes, and so she smiles in the darkness.

About the Artist:

Arundhati is a medical student who likes to convey her thoughts through poetry and art. With a keen interest in understanding the workings of the human mind, she is on the constant lookout for patterns connecting the conscious and the subconscious, imagination and reality. An idealist in mind, a realist in her head and a perfectionist at heart, she puts her soul into anything that sparks her interest.