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A Zine by Raghav Sood

Raghav Sood

Hello readers, we bring to you today, an artist we’ve already featured on Aesthete before – Raghav Sood. The art we’re featuring today is, as you can see, clearly pandemic themed, but it’s a unique form of art, i.e. it’s a “zine”.

Tap on that first image and scroll through them, so you get an idea. This is what a zine looks like –

And now, when you fold it a particular way, it becomes this tiny little pamphlet that you can flip through in a matter of seconds – which displays the art in the order of images at the top.

In history, these have come to be associated with fanart, termed colloquially as “fanzines”, and were very predominant in the punk uprising of the 70s.

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