BitterLemonSnorts is an organisation dedicated to the furtherance of Art. While the nihilist tends to believe that there is no meaning to existence, the founders of BitterLemonSnorts subscribe to a more optimistic view of this nihilism. They believe that while we know that the purpose to human existence is unknowable, it is imperative that we live our lives in the most colourful way possible; i.e. when there is no meaning available, you create it. With that belief, we welcome you to our website.

Snorts is an organisation dedicated to research, dedicated to gleaning the fundamental truths of our world - shedding light on them, and attempting to do things about them. We try every day to make the world a better place. The team at Snorts forage into the depths of the internet on a daily basis, attempting to find issues that plague our society, and trying to bring out specific and well-articulated points of view. We support artists, and keep throwing light on their creative processes, in the silent hope that our viewers find inspiration to form their own personal forms of expression. Our Vision at Snorts is to create a global society of people that make art, and use all the million tools at their disposal to make the mundane life worth living.

In order to express this Vision, we have five different categories, or Snorts (as we like to call them) - Aesthete, the art section; Armageddon, the global warming, mental health, GenZ, culture section; Economy, the economic affairs section; Leviathan, the political section; and Sisyphean, a section dedicated to everything else. We're always looking out for features, so feel free to hit us up with your form of expression. We'd Love to engage, and portray you and your art in the best possible manner. Art, at BLS, is a super ambiguous term - it could be anything from actual paint on paper, to being able to write a research-oriented political article. Any form of expression is a kind of Art, and with this Vision stretched out for y'all to see, we'd Love to hear what you think about it!

BitterLemonSnorts is a neutral magazine/media outlet, and in no way intends to propagate any form of political affiliation or endorse any singular point of view. Any views expressed in published content belong solely to the authors alone.

Meet The Team

Image by Georgie Cobbs


Anushi Bhamra

Abhilasha GK

Researching and Writing


Samarth Narayanan

Ariktha M Koundinya

Arundhati V Subramani

Abhirami B


Vignesh Narayanan

Shailesh GK

Adithi Holla

Tej Mallik